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Square Butterfly Wing Necklace - Red


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A classically shaped pendant made from a butterfly wing encased in sterling silver. A clever nod to modern art, this square swatch of color looks like a tiny painting. 

  • Sterling silver pendant
  • 0.75 inch of each side of the square
  • Real butterfly wings used in the jewelry
  • Contract in color and pattern
  • Round chains in 17.75" included 
  • Peruvian crafts people make these necklaces

Who made this product? This butterfly wing necklace was hand crafted by artisans in Peru whom take a a great deal of care of the maturation of the butterflies to give the wings to silversmiths who enfold them in silver to create stunning accessories. 

Why is it ethical? Silver Tree Design works with a holistic butterfly farm that waits until the butterflies are deceased to gather their wings for the craftspeople. Silver Tree Designs works under a fair trade business model which provides many benefits to the quality of life of their company and employees. Learn more about fair trade by clicking here.

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