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Square Butterfly Wing Necklace - Blue


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A new take on a classic pendant, this sterling silver necklace is ethically made from Peruvian butterfly wings. Throw it on with a pair of jeans and you're ready for coffee dates. 

  • Sterling silver necklace
  • 0.75 in X 0.75 in pendant 
  • Real butterfly wings inside the jewelry
  • Difference are expected
  • 17.75" one size chain included
  • Artisan made in Lima, Peru

Who made this product? Silver Tree Design was founded by Stuart Smith’s passion for fair trade. He had witnessed closure of another fair trade business that had many commitments to communities and cooperatives that were let down. One of the producers with two cooperative groups is in Peru within the Shipibo Indigenous community in the Amazon Jungle along the banks of Huallaga River.

Why is it ethical? Silver Tree Design harvesters raise the butterflies that lay eggs before the end of their short lifespan. Once the butterflies’ lives pass they are collected and the wings are bought to the silversmiths. Silver Tree Design pays for all of the wings even if they will not use all of them based on their quality or species, but this practice helps maintain stability in the community that otherwise would not be there. Then, the wings are sorted and silversmiths are cut, hammer, and solder silver to craft jewelry and encase the wing in glass to showcase the beauty from both sides. 

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