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Circle Butterfly Wing Necklace - Red

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Perhaps Roy Lichtenstein drew his inspiration from butterflies, because this necklace is a tiny modern painting. The vibrant red color will stand out against your wardrobe of blacks and greys.

  • Metal is made of sterling silver
  • 0.8 in. Diameter
  • Real butterfly wings encased in silver
  • All wings are unique
  • With 17.75 in. non adj. chain
  • Handmade in the Amazon Basin

Who made this product? Workers come from one of the most impoverished areas of Peru with the limited job options being dangerous, illegal, overworked, and under paid. Generally, the farmers who raise the butterflies do this in conjunction with cocoa harvesting in order to supplement their unpredictable income. 

Why is it ethical? When they caterpillars hatch they are released into the wild for natural growth and continuation of the eco-system to play out. The workers count the cycle days of the caterpillars when they are about to hit the pupa stage they are collected and places back into a meshed enclosure to finished their transition. Once they have lived their full butterfly lives and pass. They are gathered and sold to Silver Tree Designs to use their beauty for showcasing nature in jewelry.

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