Fair Trade Food Gift Bundle


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Give someone's taste buds a journey across the glove with this  assortment of sweet and savory flavors.

Some items may be replaced with similar items of the same cost.

  • Includes: olive oil, tea, 3.5 oz chocolate bar, small honey jar, and spice mix
  • Olive oil made in Palestine
  • Chocolate made in Ghana
  • Honey and spice mix made in the USA
  • Tea made in Sri Lanka

Who made this product? Canaan Fair Trade works with over 1,700 farmers in the West Bank, producing high-quality Fair Trade organic olive oil and other food products. Kuapa Kokoo represents 45,000 cocoa farmers and has a stake in the first farmer-owned chocolate company in the world: Divine Chocolate Limited. SERRV partners with Turqle Trading and Sindyanna of Galillee to raise the employment rates in South Africa and Israel for women and the youth seeking a steady job and source of income. Equal exchange is a democratic worker cooperative based in Sri Lanka.

Why is it ethical? The workers of Cannaan Fair Trade, Divine Chocolate Limited, SEERV, and Equal Exchange are able to earn a living, sustain their relationship to their land, and provide a future for their children.

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