Canaan Fair Trade

Organic Garlic Infused Olive Oil


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This delicious oil is just what you need to punch up your favourite dish. Made with organic oil and tangy garlic.

  • 250mL bottle
  • Organic Surri olives from Palestine
  • Infused with crushed garlic
  • PLEASE NOTE: the Packaging on this product has recently changed. It is lovely, and we are working on updating the photo. 

Who made this product? This fair trade olive oil was made by producers in Palestine through Canaan Fair Trade, a social entrepreneurship firm that. Canaan Fair Trade works with over 1,700 farmers in the West Bank, producing high-quality fair trade organic olive oil and other food products.

Why is it ethical? The farmers are able to earn a living, sustain their relationship to their land, and provide a future for their children. Canaan Fair Trade's social and environmental values are not separate ideals - they are intimately connected in one social/environmental ecosystem. The concept of sustainability is both social and environmental. Sustainable trade must be invested in the life of the producer's community (fair trade) as well as invested in the health of the soil (organic) that produces the product.

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