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Butterfly Wing Sterling Silver Bracelet


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Our most popular gift option, the butterfly bracelet is a rainbow of colors. Elegant with a splash of color it pairs with every outfit and has an adjustable length and easy clasp.  Made from ethically sourced, real butterfly wings which are then encased in glass and framed with sterling silver. Both sides of the wing are exposed to show both the flashy and camouflage part of the wing. 

  • Made in Lima, Peru.
  • The back sides of the wings are a different color.
  • Each piece is hand crafted, no two are identically the same.
  • No live butterflies were harmed for these earrings.

Who made this product: This butterfly wing jewelry comes from the Amazon Basin in Lima, Peru.

Why is it ethical? The butterfly jewerly represents a partnership between butterfly conservationalist and the jewelry makers. Working together they create an industry around preserving the bio-diversity of the butterfly population in the Peruvian Rainforest. Each butterfly lives it full lifecycle and after passing away naturally is collected and preserved. 

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