Coffee Wood Tasting Spoon

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Looking at the even finish and elegant contours, you might not realize that this spoon was collected, cut, and scraped by hand before reaching your table. All the rough edges have been smoothed down and rubbed with beeswax before being placed over a fire to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Feel the care when you hold it, share it, and savor every bite with this lovely utensil. 

  • Hand-carved
  • Made in Guatemala
  • 11”L x 2”W x 0.5”H

Who made this product? Near the shore of Lake Atitlan, a small cooperative of “spoonmakers”, Los Cuchareros, call San Lucas Toliman their home in Guatemala. They make more than spoons, creating a variety of utensils. Each utensil begins life in the humid forest surrounding the Lake Atitlan where these spoonmakers collect coffee, jobillo, and tasisco wood.

Why is it ethical? Cuchareros take special care to preserve their surroundings, using only certified wood sources beyond that which they collect themselves, and a portion of their proceeds goes toward community programs, such as services for the elderly.

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