What We’re Reading: Our staff's favorite blogs (July edition)

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The Good Trade:

Written by editor Amyann Caldwell and a team of writers, The Good Trade tackles all kinds of issues that will interest conscious consumers looking to use their dollars for good. Over the last 2 years, they’ve partnered with and shared about a lot of our favorite brands (many of them are our fellow members of Chicago Fair Trade!) and we’re constantly discovering new & exciting ways to live more sustainably through their blog. 

Our favorite recent postsSustainable Living: How to Get the Whole Family Involved // 15 Jaw Dropping National Parks Views Worth Protecting // 14 Ethical and Conflict-free Engagement Rings for the Socially Conscious Bride-to-be

Black Sheep Bride
Are you planning an eco-friendly or socially conscious wedding? Then Black Sheep Bride is the wedding blog you should be reading! Florida-based Danielle Calhoun writes this blog, which features real wedding inspiration, honeymoon destinations, event recaps, and vendor profiles… making it easy for brides and grooms-to-be find and work with vendors and locations that are on a mission to do good in the world. (What a way to start your happily ever after!)

Our favorite recent posts10 Ways to Waste Less on your Wedding Day // Honeymoons that Give Back: Jicaro Island Ecolodge, Lake Nicaragua // Fair Trade Wedding: UK Style

Alden Wicker, who writes the blog EcoCult, is a certified eco-fashion badass. The New York-based writer blogs about ethical fashion and the sustainable business scene in New York City, and frequently features interviews with the movers and shakers who make up both communities. Her style is impeccable and her writing borders on investigative journalism. We love seeing new posts from her pop up in our Feedly readers!

Our favorite recent postsSave Those Scraps! 7 Tips for Wasting Less Food in the Kitchen // Not All “Organic” is Made Equal: What the Labels Actually Mean // Why is it so Damn Hard to Say No to Straws?

Living Life Green:
This is a relatively new addition to the blogosphere, but the content that Bobbi at Living Life Green is putting out is top notch. Whether you’re a foodie, interested in decorating, or looking to plant your first garden, you’re sure to learn something new from this sustainability-focused lifestyle blog.

Our favorite recent postsHow Community Gardens Benefit your Neighborhood // The 10 Year Impact of Food Waste on the Environment // 13 Steps to Creating a Self-Sustaining Home