We have a con-fez-ion; in-stock Fez 25% Off

A Fresh Face for Fez
We love our Fez line of handpainted earthenware, but frankly, it was time for a makeover. Around here we think of Fez as our sister, and we needed to get our sister out of her mom jeans and into some skinnies. So this May, we’re updating Fez with new colors, new shapes, and a new stoneware fabrication. 

To make room for the new line, we’re discounting all of our current Fez. That’s right:
25% off all in stock Fez
This is the last chance to fill out your existing service; to order the forest green, orange, and yellow colorways; or to reorder the current cobalt blue pattern, which has been redesigned.

What's Changing?
So what's changing? Our new colors are designed for a more modern, on-trend customer. To complement the cobalt blue you know and love, we're introducing turquoise, spring green, and Moroccan blue (and discontinuing orange, yellow, and forest green). Most of the patterns have had some design changes and we'll be adding lots of new shapes (among them a poultry platter, a wine chiller, and a 4-inch ice cream bowl).

What's Not Changing?
Our commitment to the artisans of Le Souk Ceramique. Nestled on the Mediterranean coast in Nabeul, Tunisia, they use ages-old techniques to hand paint each stoneware ceramic. These artisans forgo machines, decals, and stencils in favor of free hand artistry, which makes each piece truly one-of-a-kind. Le Souk Ceramique provides steady work and skills for their artisans, and their reliance on human ingenuity over machinery better serves the environment.