Round up your Receipt: Make Big Change with your Small Change

Our store in Old Town is rolling out a new program that makes it easy for you to donate to causes you're passionate about. Our new "Round up your Receipt" program, is , according to Greenheart Shop manager Allison Geitner, "a way to donate your extra change to rotating organizations that do good. It is simply a way to create big change with small change." 

Let's say you theoretically buy a ring that costs $25.99. With Chicago's 10.25% sales tax rate, your total will come to $28.65. If you choose to round up your receipt, your adjusted total will be $29.00 and you've just donated 35 cents to a deserving non-profit! We anticipate that 80% of our customers will participate in this program and that we'll be able to donate anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars to a new cause each month. 

In its inaugural month, we've chosen to donate to Supplies for Dreams, a not-for-profit organization that provides Chicago Public Schools students with resources and extracurricular opportunities, ranging from school supplies to field trip and hands-on learning opportunities and one-on-one mentoring. We chose to donate to Supplies for Dreams so that our neighbors can have the opportunity to help their neighbors as students across the city return to school this month. 

Each month we'll rotate the organization that we donate to, creating the flexibility to supply funds to organizations in need at that moment - depending on immediate need and the climate both locally and internationally. 

Want to learn more? Stop into our shop at 1714 N Wells and ask one of our store associates about this new program. They'll be happy to fill you in! While you're at it, do a little shopping and ask to round up your receipt!