Clean Cotton: What is it & why is it important?

You've cleaned up your diet and your fridge is stocked with free range poultry, organic produce, and fair trade brown rice (that's a thing!). You only use all-natural, eco-friendly soaps, skincare products, and cosmetics. You might even diffuse oils and burn sage to make your home smell nice. Sounds like you're really rocking the eco lifestyle... but can we talk about your clothes for a sec? 

I never thought much about the materials my clothes were made from until I saw the movie "The True Cost." I was horrified to learn about the impact the chemicals in our clothes have on the people who make them -- and, because I was pregnant at the time, I was also worried about what my baby would be breathing in when he snuggles into my shoulder or, as he seems to do constantly now, chews on my clothes. So, I started to prioritize buying organic cotton clothing. 

Why make the switch? According to the Huffington Post, depending on the materials your clothes are made from, they may contain chemicals such as dimethylformamide, amines, phthalates, nanosilver, and formaldahyde. The workers making your clothes oftentimes must wear protective clothing just to touch the materials they're working with in order to avoid health complications like various cancers, respiratory problems, and reproductive issues. Most are easily absorbed by our skin and they're often in the air we breathe because of the gasses the fabric lets off. 

Okay, take a deep breath. This all sounds really scary, right? The solution is not to throw out your whole wardrobe, because we've been over this - that's not very sustainable. Instead, you can slowly switch over to clothes made from clean materials as you need to purchase new pieces. With a little bit of research, you can find a few companies that use organic fabrics and natural, untreated fibers to make their clothes, and purchase from those sources in the future. 

PACT Apparel, one of my favorite brands that Greenheart Shop works with, made switching to organic cotton clothing so easy. My daily new mom uniform has been a pair of super soft, stretchy PACT leggings (I have 5 pairs & rotate through them!), an organic cotton nursing tank, and an oversized PACT tee. Not only are their clothes super soft & comfortable, but I also love that PACT's commitment to environmental sustainability goes above and beyond just using organic fabric. Their clothes are free from toxic chemicals, dyes, and bleaches and their apparel is made in factories powered by wind energy. PACT is mindful about conserving water through all stages of production, from seed to garment, and they minimize waste by using packaging and tags made from recycled cardboard. They always pay fair wages and ensure the rights of the workers who are making their clothes, and, wherever possible, they apply for 'Fair Trade Certified' status for their garments. And - you don't have to be a fair trade super sleuth to learn all of this about their company. PACT believes in full transparency and shares all of this information openly on their website. What's not to love?

Want to get started adding organic cotton to your wardrobe? Check out the following pieces from PACT in our fall collection... 

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