5 Reasons we love Old Town

Greenheart Shop is located in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood, a charming area along the lakefront just north of downtown.  We love the area, from its charming side streets, to the abundance of flowers that pop up around the neighborhood every spring, to its friendly residents, and the amazing food and coffee scene... After 3 years in the area, can't imagine our shop being anywhere else! 

This weekend, the streets of Old Town will be crowded with people for the annual Old Town Art Fair, so in anticipation of the celebration, we thought we'd pay homage to everything we love about the neighborhood... 

  1. Street festivals all summer long
    Come by Old Town on any given weekend in the summertime, and you're almost sure to stumble on a street festival or market. There's always something amazing going on! We definitely recommend you come and see us this weekend, though, as there will be block parties, art fairs, and sidewalk sales up & down Wells Street (where our shop is located) all weekend long. It's a great opportunity for people-watching & you're sure to find some great deals... and maybe a new art piece or two for your walls! 
  2. Unique history everywhere you turn
    Old Town is one of Chicago's oldest neighborhoods, with history lessons waiting around every corner. From the era of German immigrants, to the Great Chicago Fire, to the mid-century influx of artists... there's plenty of history here. Old Town boasts unique, narrow cobblestone side streets, dozens of tiny, old houses unlike any others you'll find in the city, and architecture so gorgeous that you'll want to walk around looking upwards at all times! We highly recommend exploring the neighborhood by walking tour (or self-guided tour) if you've never been here before. 
  3. It's dog-friendly
    Sometimes it feels like everyone in Old Town has a dog... and we're not complaining! Many businesses in the area are dog-friendly, and it's not uncommon to see water bowls, dog treats, and puppy-friendly patios around the neighbohood. We've loved getting to know the neighborhood pups (and their owners) as they've stopped into the shop to see us!
  4. Our friendly neighbors
    We might be biased, but we think Wells Street is one of the friendliest places to do business. The residents of the neighborhood welcomed us with open arms when we set up shop a few years ago, and we've loved getting to know the owners of the businesses nearby. Shout out to our immediate neighbors, Green and Jay's Chocolate Catering
  5. Fantastic coffee & dining options
    And best of all, we love that we don't have to wander far from the shop to get a caffeine fix or find delicious food. Our favorites include the two dining options at nearby Hotel Lincoln - we get our coffee & pastry fix at Elaine’s Coffee Call, and there's no better place to enjoy a nice dinner in the summertime than the patio at Perennial Virant (get the rice cakes!). Stop by sometime!