10 Reasons we love Fair Trade

We celebrated a bit early with our friends in Chicago at Daley Plaza last week, but this Saturday is World Fair Trade Day, and celebrations will be taking place all over the world to honor the men and women, artisans and retailers, people from the global south and global north who make fair trade great. To continue the celebration of this holiday, we’re sharing 10 reasons we love fair trade.

  1. The people we meet: Entrepreneurs, innovators, artists… we think our fellow fair traders are some of the coolest people we know!
  2. We’re constantly learning about new cultures & traditional art forms. Whether it’s Guatemalan backstrap weaving or traditional ceramic-throwing methods from Tunisia, we’re constantly learning something new about the global art world because of the products sold in our shop.
  3. With every purchase, we know we’re supporting artists & small-scale producers and helping them support their families. Does shopping small get any better than that?
  4. Every day at work, we get to share these artisan stories with our customers. We love engaging our customers this way and sharing our favorite artisan stories with them!
  5. While we occasionally get opportunities to travel and meet the artisans whose products we sell, the stories we share with our customers can transport us (and our customers!) around the world in an instant. Talking about artists & producers worldwide keep us connected to the global community in a way no other work can. 
  6. Our work is inspiring and we know we’re making a difference. On a daily basis, we’re working to fight child labor & human trafficking, supporting sustainability initiatives, and funding clean water projects, health care clinics, rural schools… and more!
  7. Fair trade promotes sustainability and is good for the environment. We’re all trying to live lives that are eco-friendly, and by promoting fair trade, we know we’re supporting environmental initiatives in large and small ways.
  8. There are so many one-of-a-kind and unique products to choose from. Where else can you find jewelry made out of recycled bomb casings next to candles that were hand-poured in Chicago, near the display of rugs made out of upcycled sari scraps? Only in a fair trade shop!
  9. We love our fair trade community. Chicago boasts more than 50 fair trade businesses, who we get to hang out with regularly at Chicago Fair Trade events, markets, and mixers, and we recently returned from the Fair Trade Federation conference, where we got to see our fair trade friends from all over the country. We’re pretty certain that fair traders are some of the friendliest people around. :)
  10. Fair trade is growing and we're so happy to be at the forefront of the movement. We've been in business for nearly a decade, and have become known as the fair trade shopping destination in Chicago. We've made some great connections over the years and have a supportive community rallied around us - what more could we ask for?!

Want to see how our fair trade friends are celebrating World Fair Trade Day around the world? Follow the hashtag #fairtradeday on social media to see how other cities are commemorating the day!